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“All that I am I owe to Jesus Christ, revealed to me in his divine Book.”
—David Livingstone

I had a discussion this past week about why Sunday School is all about studying the Bible when there are so many other important topics to study. There are
many important topics to study in these days.

The question is always “from what framework do we study the events of our day?” The framework, of course, is Christianity. It provides light to our path. It provides guidance. It illumines the problems of the day.

Epiphany is the time when we talk about following the light of Christ. In the darkness of this world we must have light in which to walk or we will stumble and fall. We will lose our way.

Christ is that light. He enlightens our path. When faced with a decision, we can say to ourselves, “What Would Jesus Do?” But if we do not know Jesus, then the answer is an illusive mirage or worse, self delusional.

But how do we know Christ? The Bible. The Bible is the truest revelation of the Christ. If we do not know our Bibles, then the light of Christ grows dim within us.

This is the time for New Year’s resolutions. It is time to get back to our Bibles. Let us resolve to read our Bibles religiously (hey how about using the word in its proper context!) and participate in the studies offered in Sunday School.